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Saturday May 6. 2023
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Return trip ticket 7.50 € / return trip
Pizza Margarita Blue 14.00 €
Pizza Groovy Vege 14.00 €
Pizza Smoky Ham 15.50 €
Pizza Spicy Salami 15.50 €
Pizza vegetariano 13.50 €
Fizzy or water bottle 0,3l 3.00 €
Giftcard 55.00 € Gift card holds tickets for 2 person back and forward by M/s Julia. 2 pizzas of you own choise. 2 beveriges 0,5L Non alcohol. And coffee or tee for 2. Gift card can be use at any time at summer 2023 when the Island is open and boat moves. With bad weather, island is not open.
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Paytrail payment conditions:  Payment conditions
https://katajanokanluoto.fi/varausehdot/  Ticket cannot be canselled or refunded. Refunded only if the boat companyt canselled the trip due to weather condition or technical malfunction.